Richard Young Gallery – Ohad Maiman : 2 Klicks South Of Wonderland

Richard Young Gallery - OHAD MAIMAN : 2 Klicks South Of Wonderland

The Richard Young Gallery is delighted to present the work of accomplished photographer, Ohad Maiman in his first solo show in the UK.

Maiman’s work explores universal emotive commonalities within the human condition. These emotions cross geographic and generational boundaries, and are manifested on faces and in body language of people around the world. Maiman’s work also investigates the temporal and discordant nature of emotion, for someone who is happy, also knows sadness. 2 Klicks South Of Wonderland explores human desires, particularly the desire to reach the unattainable, which Maiman has titled ‘Wonderland’.

Maiman comments; “Wonderland is not a place you can pin down on a map. It tends to shift a few miles whenever you think you’ve reached it. It’s a place none of us inhabit constantly, but some of us constantly seek. It’s more of an idea than a place; yet the mere act of searching for it ought to keep our sights set in the right direction. It takes marching to your own drumbeat.”

The postmodern dreamers that Maiman depicts searching for Wonderland, are nomadic traveller, devoid of any signifiers of time or nationality, therefore linking them only to the human race as a whole. Echoing a long romantic tradition of seekers, these wanderers are following in the footsteps of Oscar Wilde, Jack Kerouac, and Jim Morrison.

Ohad Maiman - PhotographerThe photographs on display are giclée prints on cold press natural fibre paper, mounted on birch wooden boxes and covered with epoxy resin. This complex production process attributes unique qualities to each image while also revealing ‘the hand of the artist’.

Born in Israel, Ohad Maiman served three years in the army before majoring in Visual Arts and Philosophy at Columbia University in New York. He has traveled extensively in the Far East and South America, where his interest in diverse cultures, ways of life and means of happiness was piqued. Ohad Maiman currently lives and works in New York City. A catalogue is available to accompany the exhibition.

Exhibition Dates : 12th October – 12th November 2011
information taken from: www.richardyounggallery.co.uk



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