What Digital Camera / Amateur Photographer – Good Service Awards 2012

When you’re buying a camera or any item of photographic equipment, the service you receive is as important as the price you pay.

Whether it’s informative buying advice, swift delivery and equally swift action if things go wrong, good service is a precious commodity that should be shouted from the rooftops.


That’s where the What Digital Camera/ Amateur Photographer Good Service Awards comes in, by recognising and rewarding those retailers who go that extra mile.

If you have dealt with Grays of Westminster and have found our service satisfactory, we would greatly appreciate your voting for us at the ‘What Digital Camera 2012 Good Service Awards ′. You can use this link to go straight to their voting form:

There are three categories: Best Online Retailer, Best High Street Independent Retailer and Best High Street Multiple Retailer.

To vote is easy; all you need to do is complete the competition form on the voting page


of the What Digital Camera website.

Closing date: 6 January 2012



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11 Responses to What Digital Camera / Amateur Photographer – Good Service Awards 2012

  1. Robert McLaughlin says:

    The service from Gray’s of Westminster goes well beyond the purchase date and warranty time, You can speak with them about anything, anytime. On one visit to their shop I stayed until after hours, they never made a fuss that I was keeping them over. They are the classiest and most honorable camera store ever encountered, and on any continent.

  2. I am a Member of the Nikon Owners Club, run by Grays of Westminster.
    Their Service is always Excelent and I would not go elsewhere for advice and purchases.

    Richard Harper, FRPS, AFIAP, EPSA and PSA CPID Galaxy 5.

  3. Gordon Marshall BEAMISH says:

    I am a member of the Nikon Owners Club and I heartily agree with Richard Harper’s assessment of the standard of advice and services offered by Gray Levett and all the staff at Grays of Westminster.

  4. Colin Woodhouse says:

    Yet another Nikon Owners Club member here, who has been constantly delighted with the courteous, knowledgeable service provided by Gray Levett and the staff of Grays of Westminster (with a special mention for Becky!) Their telephone ordering process is smooth and easy, and delivery is super-quick.

    A visit to the shop is pure delight and a huge temptation! Sumptuous surroundings, a wonderful welcome, and – above all – folk who actually know and love the products they sell.

    • It is such a delight to be able to read your very kind comment and to be able to share it with everyone here, and especially Becky. Wishing you all good things for 2012 and everyone else who has kindly posted a comment here. Gray.

  5. Karen Hall says:

    Grays of West
    Is the best
    So why go any where else.
    Thank you for many years of great service.

  6. Michael Finnerty says:

    There is really only one solid choice when it comes to Nikon and that is Grays of Westminster. Unparalleled advice and service. Thank you Grays !!