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Michael DovenMichael Doven

Grays of Westminster in London continues to lead the UK and Europe in NIKON sales, service, seminars, workshops, magazines and has done so now for over 25 years.

The exceptional service provided and personal attention to each customer and his unique needs has earned respect from professionals and royalty alike.

The true professional cares about his gear and the details involved in the purchase, sale or service and the reputation of those he works with as it is a reflection on himself. In this regard, Grays of Westminster has no peer. In other words, Grays is the ONLY place to go to get the most professional gear, service or training.

Gray Levett and his extremely able and accomplished staff and associates understand the responsibility they have taken on and wear the honor easily. Frankly, they make NIKON look very good and showcase the entire Nikon line past, present and future like no where else in the world.

If I were NIKON, I would send you multiple awards. Oh wait, they already have done so, numerous times!

Okay, then I will send you mine:

I hereby commend Grays of Westminster for 25 years of exceptional service and sales, setting the example for others to follow.

Thank you for all that you do for us in the Nikon Professional community!

Michael Doven
NPS (Nikon Professional Services) member

Michael Doven has been making striking images since 1977. By the age of 25, Michael had already traveled extensively and logged trips to over 50 countries across the globe.

In 1991 Michael embarked on a twenty year journey in feature film production in Hollywood where he was blessed, being able to watch, study and learn from amongst the greatest directors of photography in the world, while serving as Associate-Producer on many films.

Michael’s unique perspective and composition lend a timeless spirituality and vividness to his images. Michael Doven’s Fine Art Photography is represented by Christie’s International Auctions Worldwide. His editorial and portrait work graces worldwide covers as well and is seen by hundreds of millions.

To view more of his works visit:




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