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A sneak preview of Grays of Westminster’s latest advert in Amateur Photographer magazine

Specialiasing in the Exceptional

105mm f/4.5 UV-Nikkor Lens

The 105mm f/4.5 UV-Nikkor is one of the rarest and most specialised lenses ever made by Nikon. It was introduced in 1985 and available to special order only. Specifically designed for UV (ultraviolet) photography and, with virtually no variation in the focus position between visible rays and UV rays, it eliminates clumsy focus adjustments. A special coating is applied to the air-to-glass surface of the lens elements to reduce reflection under UV rays. At all focused distances in every wavelength range, aberration is minimal and distortion is eliminated. Of course, ordinary photography can be performed in visible light. Lens construction: 6 elements in 6 groups, picture angle: 23º20′, Distance scale: Graduated in meters and feet from 0.48m (1.57ft.) to infinity (∞), Aperture scale: f/4.5 to f/32 on both standard and aperture-direct readout scales, Reproduction ratio: Scale provided: 1:10 to 1:2, Filter size 52mm, Weight: Approx. 515g. NEW/UNCIRCULATED complete boxed outfit. Lens, Gelatin Filter Holder, special Filter, UR-2 Ring. 100% new – both very rare and very unusual. Highly sought after and extraordinary to find in this condition. £12,000.

Photograph by Tony Hurst

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