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NIKON M UNSYNCHED + 5cm f/2 Nikkor-HC

In 1948 Nikon’s very first camera, the Nikon Model One was destined for only a brief production run. Its 24 x 32mm format proved unpopular with the GHQ of the Occupation Forces under General MacArthur, who would not allow the camera to be exported to the USA because the 24 x 32mm format was not compatible with Kodachrome 35mm slide mounts. It was replaced by the Nikon M (the M standing for mutatio – Latin for change or alteration). The M used a 24 x 34mm format, but it was still smaller than the 36 x 24mm employed by Leica. The camera (pictured) is marked “Made in Occupied Japan”, a sign of the times following the 1945 Armistice. This very fine unsynched example is complete with a 5cm f/2 Nikkor HC lens, a leather ever-ready case, an instruction manual, a Nikon Accessories leaflet and the original maker’s box. EXC.



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