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Nikon Model One

The Nikon Model One, with ‘MIOJ’ (Made in Occupied Japan) engraved on the baseplate, was the very first Nikon camera.

However, it was only in production from March 1948 to August 1949; it had no flash synch and came with either a 50mm f/3.5 or f/2 Nikkor lens in a collapsible mount. The decision to use a 24 x 32 format turned out to be a mistake as it made their camera incompatible with automated Kodak slide-copying equipment. Only a very few Nikon Model Ones made their way to the USA although some were sold to Occupation troops via the ‘PX’ shops. According to leading expert Robert Rotoloni, the probable number of Nikon Model One cameras which were sold to the public is approximately 450. In August 1949 the Nikon Model one was replaced by a second model that corrected the format, known as the Nikon M.



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