Restored Vintage Nikon Sign Now on Display at Grays of Westminster

Over the years Nikon have produced numerous display signs to advertise their camera equipment. Perhaps one of the most unique Nikon signs is the one shown in this image of me working at KJP (Keith Johnson Photographic), in London, in the late 1970s. The company is now owned by Calumet.

The sign was lit via fibre optics and a motorised colour wheel inside the unit caused the sign to change colour. Some years ago I was given one of these units, but it was in very poor condition. The colour wheel had faded and the old style lamp inside got terribly hot. The motor was noisy and the front was badly scratched. Additionally the metal housing was rusted in places. I sent it to a repair company but after a year, they returned it stating they could not repair it.

A few months ago I sent it to Stephen Willis of Bespoke Installations, who stripped it apart, replaced much of the original wiring, replaced the motor with a modern and much quieter version, fitted a LED lamp and created a new colour wheel. The unit was then sent to Mark Gibson, who incidentally made this film, who removed the scratches from the display panel, the rust from the metal chrome housing, and this splendid vintage sign is now proudly displayed in perfect working order at Grays of Westminster in 2017 in Nikon’s 100th anniversary.



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