Nikon Special Offers: 10% off Second Hand Cameras & Bodies in May

We are delighted to renew our offer on second hand nikon bodies and lenses for the rest of the month – if you have been waiting for an excuse to acquire a camera or lens now is the perfect time. Our full second hand listings can be found here: www.graysofwestminster.co.uk/products/secondhand.php If you require any assistance […]

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Where can one buy…? Grays of Westminster Newsletter

Question: Where can one buy a new Nikon F3, F3HP, F3P (Press), F3H (High Speed), F3/T (Titanium) in both a champagne or a black finish, or special edition F3 Lapita? And also, where can one buy a brand new Nikon F4, F5, F100 and a range of manual focus Nikon lenses? Answer: Grays of Westminster, […]

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Nikon 100th Anniversary Film Campaign

TAKE YOUR PLACE IN THE NIKON ANNIVERSARY FILM From 27th April to 31st May, Nikon are on the hunt for two types of photographs; images taken with any Nikon camera over the last 100 years, from our very first model to the most recent, and shots of photographers with their Nikon cameras. Nikon NNE  judges […]

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Grays of Westminster Newsletter

Photographs from the Nikon World This stunning close up of a gosling sent in by Del Palmer was shot using the Nikon D810 & 200-500mm f/5.6E AF-S VR, the gosling being approximately 200 yards away, lens set to 500mm, 1/250″, f/10, ISO200. To share your images please send them through no larger than 6mb to: […]

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