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November News & Offers

‘Little Beach Blues’ Photograph Courtesy of Ruth Grindrod D810 + AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8G + 10-stop filter, f/14, 66″, ISO64

Back for a limited time!

Due to the immense success of our 10% off second-hand bodies and lenses we are re-instating our offer until the end of the month. With D810, D800, D500, D750 and so many more cameras to choose from this offer may be just the excuse you need to upgrade or add an extra body to the equipment bag. To see our full listings visit our second hand page: http://www.graysofwestminster.co.uk/products/secondhand.php


The ideal time to buy a new Nikon Df

Issue No. 67 of the Grays of Westminster Gazette featured our review of the Nikon Df – the first ‘Digital Fusion’ camera to allow the mounting of Nikon lenses from modern-day AF-S all the way back to pre-AI glass. With features that hark back to the film era and our beloved FM cameras, plus the sensor and low-light capabilities of the D4, the Df is an extraordinary camera.

Now you can enjoy £200 off if you trade-in an interchangeable lens camera towards a new Df, until the end of the month!


If you’d like to read our review you can download issue No. 67 of the Grays of Westminster Gazette here:




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