New Nikon SB-500 Speedlight Flash with built-in LED light

Nikon announces the portable SB-500 Speedlight with built-in LED light

Nikon-Speedlight-SB500RRP: £199.99 / €249.00

Sales start date: 25th September 2014

London, UK, 12th September 2014 – Nikon today announces its first Speedlight with a built-in LED light, the SB-500.

A great lighting accessory for photographers and moviemakers alike, the portable SB-500 is an incredibly handy way to control the quality and direction of light. In a first for Nikon, a high-intensity LED light is built into the front of the unit, which makes this Speedlight the smart choice when you want the flexibility to shoot movies without carrying extra lighting gear.

Compatible with Nikon D-SLRs and specific COOLPIX cameras, as well as the Nikon Creative Lighting System, the SB-500 also enables wireless control of multiple flash units. The flash head and LED light both cover a wide 24 mm angle of view in FX-format, and easy-to-understand controls on the rear of the unit ensure simple operation.

Simon Iddon, Group Product Manager (D-SLR Lenses and Accessories), Nikon UK, says: “The Nikon SB-500 is an ideal addition to a kit bag that offers photographers and videographers a lighting solution that comes in a compact, affordable and easy to operate package. The Speedlight is extremely flexible and fun to use, yet is a great tool for creating still images or movies that boast a professional look and feel.”


Built-in LED light

With a high-intensity (100 lx) LED light on the front of the flash unit, the SB-500 is a smart choice for moviemakers or photographers who want additional light. It’s ideal for shooting movies in dimly lit surroundings, and can be incredibly useful when shooting close-up still images. When used with compatible cameras, the colour information of the LED light can be transmitted together with that of flash, and the colour temperature control has a central value of 5400K, which enables more natural looking light. In addition, the LED unit features a surface light source with a built-in diffuser, which softens harsh light. A switch on the back of the flash unit alters the intensity of the LED light so it will shine at full power. For more subtle light, the LED can be set to shine at a half or quarter of its full intensity. The LED will illuminate a scene for approximately 60 minutes when using rechargeable Ni-MH batteries, and approximately 30 minutes when using alkaline-manganese batteries.

Creative possibilities

Nikon-Speedlight-SB500-standThe flash head tilts up to 90° and rotates horizontally through 180°, allowing the light to be angled just the way you want. Simple to operate, the SB-500 ensures even newcomers to flash photography will be able to use light to their advantage and add impact to daylight shots, expose subject detail in tough backlit situations, or soften light by ‘bouncing’ the flash off the ceiling. For more advanced lighting, the SB-500 can be used as a master flash for multiple off-camera flash setups (when used with cameras that feature a built-in flash commander mode). The flash fires 140 (or more) times on a single charge of rechargeable Ni-MH batteries, and will fire 100 or more times when using alkaline-manganese batteries. Minimum recycling time is approximately 3.5 seconds when using rechargeable Ni-MH batteries, and approximately 4 seconds when using alkaline-manganese batteries.

Easy does it

The SB-500 combines superior ergonomics with easy-to-understand controls on the rear of the unit for incredibly easy operation. Additional functions and flash mode can be set via a camera menu, which activates automatically when the SB-500 is attached to the camera. Firmware can be upgraded through the camera, and this Speedlight is powered by just two AA-size batteries.

The SB-500 comes with the SS-DC2 Soft Case and the AS-23 Speedlight Stand.

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New Nikon D750 DSLR


Nikon launches a new FX-format powerhouse: the D750


Nikon D750 body only: £1799.99 / €2149.00

Nikon D750 body and 24-85mm VR lens: £2249.99 / €2679.00

Sales Start Date: 23rd September 2014

Nikon D750 body and 24-120mm lens: £2349.99 / €2799.00 (Sales Start Date: TBD)

New Nikon D750 DSLR FX-Format

London, UK, 12th September 2014 – Nikon today introduces the fast, versatile, and agile D750. Packed with professional imaging technology and streamlined for compactness, this camera gives photographers the freedom to realise their vision with outstanding flexibility.

Built to upsize your opportunities and downsize your load, the Nikon D750 delivers superb full-frame images regardless of shooting location or conditions.The newly designed FX-format sensor delivers exceptional image quality with cleaner results than ever before at high ISOs. Phenomenally sensitive AF performance, a burst rate of up to 6.5 fps, and Full HD movie recording at 1080/60p combined with the sturdy tilt-screen monitor to enable full freedom of expression. Built-in Wi-Fi makes it simple to share impressive FX-format photos in an instant. Nikon’s Picture Control 2.0 provides exceptional in-camera image processing and optimisation flexibility for still images and videos.

Simon Iddon, Group Product Manager (D-SLR Lenses and Accessories) – Imaging, at Nikon UK says: “The Nikon D750 is a new breed of camera that introduces full-frame photography to new audiences looking for high performance and amazing detail without compromising on convenience or cost.

He adds: “We’re really excited about the potential of the new model; it’s suitable for a wide range of shooting scenarios, from wildlife, to landscapes, to studio set ups and delivers outstanding image quality that can be shared instantly via the WiFi connectivity. Videographers will also be inspired to push the limits of their creativity with theD750, thanks to the impressive broadcast quality movie capability and the flexibility that comes with the tilt-screen for unique perspectives.”

Freedom to dare

Inspiration knows no limits, and the D750 knows no restrictions. The all-new 24.3-megapixel sensor offers wide dynamic range with clean performance across all sensitivities, delivering images with stunning sharpness and rich tonality. The ISO range of 100–12800 is extendable to 50–51200 (equivalent), and Nikon’s flagship EXPEED 4 image-processing engine ensures image rendering is superb for both stills and video. The flexibility you need to capture elusive or fast-moving subjects is assured thanks to the camera’s newly developed professional Multi-CAM 3500II FX 51-point AF system that is sensitive down to a remarkable -3 EV. Combined with the camera’s shooting speeds of up to 6.5 fps in both FX and DX formats, these capabilities ensure you’re free to lock onto your target and capture uncompromised full-resolution images with incredible precision. In addition, Nikon’s new Group Area AF mode offers fast acquisition and improved background isolation when shooting subjects that are comparatively small and close to a high-contrast or distracting background.


Free your vision

Equipped with a sturdy tilt-screen monitor and built-in Wi-Fi, the D750 offers photographers superior flexibility. The tilt-screen swings open and rotates up to 90º, or down to 75º, enabling you to shoot photos and movies from unique vantage points with ease. When shooting, this 8.0-cm (3.2-in.), 1229k-dot colour-tune monitor lets you push the colour balance and brightness in any direction to suit your personal workflow preference. The built-in Wi-Fi function means you can upload impressive full-frame photos via a compatible smartphone or tablet, or release the camera remotely via your smart device. Simply download the free Wireless Mobile Utility app to your smart device.1

Moviemaking freedom

Harness the speed, power, and agility of the D750 to capture impressive video footage whenever inspiration calls you. Nikon’s D-Movie offers broadcast-quality video in multiple frame formats, recording Full HD (1080p) movies at 50p/60p frame rates with markedly reduced noise, moiré, and false colour. A dedicated movie menu streamlines shooting by letting you store all movie settings in one place. The power aperture can be controlled while recording, and the camera offers clean HDMI out, plus simultaneous capture of full-resolution footage in-camera and on an external recorder. You can configure the ISO settings you want to work with from ISO 100 all the way up to ISO 51200 (equivalent), or fix the maximum Auto ISO range from ISO 200 upwards when shooting in M mode. Nikon’s 3D noise reduction reduces random noise, distortion, and flicker when filming at high sensitivities. Zebra mode shows you on the camera monitor exactly where highlights are blown. Superior audio control improves sound recording and offers greater overall flexibility: a stereo microphone input and an audio out let you fine-tune audio levels in isolation both before and during recording; you can select the sound range (wide/voice); and wind noise can be reduced when recording with the built-in microphone.

Full-frame portability

Superior ergonomics, a lightweight weather-sealed monocoque structure, and an energy-saving design ensure that the D750 offers true full-frame freedom. The deep grip enables a secure hold on the camera no matter what size your hands are, and makes it easier to hold the camera comfortably for long periods of time without tiring.The Kevlar/carbon fiber–composite shutter unit is tested to 150,000 releases, and you can capture up to 1,230 still images and up to 55 minutes of movie footage2 on a single charge of the ultra-compact and lightweight Li-ion rechargeable EN-EL15 battery.


New Nikon D750 DSLR top

Nikon D750 DSLR Camera – Top View

Creative flexibility

When inspiration strikes, the D750 is fully equipped to support your ideas. Whether shooting stills or video, Nikon’s newly introduced second-generation Picture Control System provides invaluable tools for before and after the shoot by offering total control over sharpening, contrast, brightness, hue, clarity, and saturation. For the ultimate freedom in post-production, the new Flat setting will retain all the details and preserve rich tonal information in both highlights and shadows, while the new Clarity setting lets you precisely adjust contrast and differentiate fine structures. Additional creative capabilities include an in-camera time-lapse function that lets you create time-lapse photography with smooth exposure transitions through simple menu operations.

Total Digital Imaging System

Shoot with the D750 and you have the full power of Nikon’s total imaging system to rely on. Draw out the full potential of the D750’s 24.3-MP sensor with the wide range of NIKKOR lenses. With their exceptionally high resolving power, NIKKOR lenses meet the demands of photographers in every field. Also fully compatible with Nikon’s industry-leading Creative Lighting System, the D750 works with a range of versatile Speedlights for creative flash photography on- or off-camera.

Nikon D750 DSLR with SB500

Nikon D750 DSLR with the new Speedlight SB500

Summary of key features:

New-Nikon-D750-DSLR-side-detailNew 24.3-MP FX-format sensor: offers phenomenal image detail and excellent cropping flexibility.

Spectacular light sensitivity: ISO range of 100–12800 is extendable to 50–51200 (equivalent).

Professional AF performance: Multi-CAM 3500IIFX 51-point AF system configurable in 9-point, 21-point, and 51-point coverage settings and sensitive down to -3 EV (ISO 100, 20 °C/68 °F).

Group Area AF mode: fast acquisition and improved background isolation even in challenging lighting conditions.

Sturdy tilt-screen monitor: swings open and tilts up to 90º, and down to 75º.

Built-in Wi-Fi: upload impressive full-frame photos via a compatible smartphone or tablet.1

Up to 6.5 fps burst rate: uncompromised full-resolution images at up to 6.5 fps in both FX and DX formats.

Multi-area D-Movie: Full HD (1080p) movies in FX- and DX-format at 50p/60p. Access ISO 100 up to ISO 51200 (equivalent) while filming, and control shutter speed, aperture, and audio levels, too. A dedicated movie menu lets you store all movie settings in one place.

EXPEED 4: boosts the camera’s overall performance for extraordinary results.

Picture Control 2.0: ease post-production with Flat setting for maximum dynamic range; fine-tune detail with Clarity.

Colour-tune monitor: anti-reflective 8.0-cm (3.2-in.), 1229k-dot RGBW LCD monitor. Push the colour balance and brightness in any direction.

Energy-saving design: shoot longer on a single charge of the EN-EL15 battery.

Full-frame portability: superior ergonomics and a lightweight, weather-sealed monocoque camera body combine to offer true full-frame freedom.

Creative modes: High Dynamic Range, in-camera time-lapse function, effects with Special effects and Scene modes, as well as unlimited continuous shooting.

Storage media: two SD card slots enable a smooth shooting experience. Both card slots are compatible with high-capacity SDXC and UHS-I cards.

Remote operation: to take further control over wireless shooting, use the WR-R10 Wireless Transceiver and the WR-T10 Wireless Transmitter, or control your camera settings with the WR-1 Wireless Remote Controller. To connect to Ethernet and wireless LAN, use the optional UT-1 Data Transmitter together with the WT-5 Wireless Transmitter.

1. The Wireless Mobile Utility is compatible with iOS™ and Android™ smart devices, and can be downloaded to your smart device for free from Google Play™ and the Apple App Store™. Android, Google, Google Play, YouTube, and other marks are trademarks of Google Inc.
2. Based on CIPA standards.
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Grays of Westminster August Competition Winners

Thank you to everyone who submitted photographs to our ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ themed competition. We had the pleasure of receiving some wonderfully creative pictures and we now have our winners.

First Place Winner
Len Deeley
Whale Shark with Pilot Fish & Remoras

Whale Shark with Pilot Fish & Remoras

Taken with a Nikon D300 in an underwater housing.
Congratulations on winning a £50 Grays of Westminster Gift Certificate!

Second Place Winner
Richard Harding
In the Arctic Wilderness

In the Arctic Wilderness

Richard said, “This photograph was taken on a trip to Svalbard. Although I took lots of photographs closer to the polar bears, I particularly like this one since I feel that it provides a more poignant interpretation of the Arctic wilderness and the uncertain future faced by its most iconic inhabitant.”

Nikon D800 + AF-S 80 – 400 mm f/4.5-5.6 VR lens at 165mm, ISO 800, 1/2500s, f/10, handheld
Congratulations on winning a £25 Grays of Westminster Gift Certificate!

Third Place Runner-Up
Yves Wauthier


Yves said, “I wanted to fit exactly to the theme and to have a great AND a small snail on the same picture. Fortunately, I have a great stock of snails of any size in my garden!”

Nikon D600 + AF-S 105mm f/2.8G VR, ISO 320, 1/125s, f/14
Congratulations on winning your Nikon prize!

This month’s theme is Waterscape – submit your images along with the equipment and settings used to us at: info@graysofwestminster.co.uk before 30th September for a chance to win a £50 Grays of Westminster gift certificate.

No more than two images per entrant, no larger than 10mb each. Photos must be taken using Nikon equipment.


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Good News! The Nikon D810 IS BACK IN STOCK!

We have just received our latest consignment of the new Nikon D810 cameras­­­. Order yours today!

Nikon D810

Nikon DSLR gadget bag, a 16gb class 10 SD card and a Nikon lens cleaning cloth

Nikon DSLR gadget bag, a 16gb class 10 SD card and a Nikon lens cleaning cloth

Buy a new Nikon DSLR Kit* over the Bank period and if you are also a current Nikon Owner subscriber you will get a FREE Nikon DSLR gadget bag, a 16gb class 10 SD card and a Nikon lens cleaning cloth WORTH £70!

August Bank Holiday Offers on Nikon DSLR Cameras

Nikon Special Offer

Nikon D4S part-exchange special offer


Buy a new Nikon D800E and get up to £300 extra in part-exchange for your old Nikon DSLR camera!

Nikon Special Offers at Grays of Westminster We are able to offer you the following over and above the amount we would normally allow you for your old Nikon DSLR:

  •  Buy a Nikon D800E, receive £300 extra in part-exchange.

This offer is valid until Saturday 30th August 2014 or until stocks last. Please contact us to arrange a valuation of your equipment on: +44 (0) 207 828 4925.

  • Buy a new Nikon D610 and get up to £150 extra in part-exchange for your old Nikon DSLR camera!

#Nikon #Nikkor #London

We shall accept orders until the Bank Holiday Week ends on Saturday 30th at 1pm. Please contact us to arrange an evaluation of your equipment on: +44 (0) 207 828 4925.


Add a new Nikon SB-700 Speedlight to your new D7100 purchase and get £30 off your new SB-700!

Offer ends Saturday August 30th or until stocks last!


Nikon AN-SBR2 Black Rapid Quick-Draw Straps now in stock

We have had our first delivery of the Nikon branded Black Rapid Quick-Draw straps for improved comfort and accessibility of your camera. They are £79.00 inc. VAT.

Grays of Westminster August Bank Holiday Opening Hours

*This bag will accept most Nikon DSLR cameras with the exception of a D4S.

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Nikon Camera Shop Wins Gear of the Year 2014 Gold Service Award

Grays of Westminster Wins
Gear of the Year 2014 Gold Service Award


Gear of the Year 2014 Gold Service Award, photo credit: Tony Hurst

A big thank you to the readers of Digital Photo and Practical Photography magazines in voting for us for the Gear of the Year 2014 Gold Service Award. We are delighted!


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