Nikon Deals: Limited Time Offer for Customers from the UK & Ireland … 9 Days Only!

If you have been holding off from purchasing a camera, your wait has not been in vain. We are pleased to announce a very special offer available for 9 days only from the 25th February – 5th March inclusive. Your purchase of a D700 body will entitle you to an immediate £150.00 voucher to spend […]

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Nikon Deals: The Nikon Professional Line-Up

Nikon D700 The first day of spring draws ever closer and with it an abundance of new photographic opportunities. Whether you are considering that new camera body that you have always wished for, a long lens for wildlife or a macro lens to capture the minute details of insects or plants newly in blossom, Grays […]

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Nikon News: Jim Brandenburg goes back to Nikon

“Jim typically does not like to talk equipment but thought we should share some exciting news with you. After shooting with Nikon equipment most of his professional career, then being lured away to become a Canon Explorer of Light, Jim has now gone back to his ‘photographic roots’ and is proud to announce that he […]

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Nikon Deals: If you haven’t seen the Double-Page Nikon Advertisement in Amateur Photographer Magazine

Specialising in the Exceptional The Vintage Department at Grays of Westminster seeks out only the very best mint or near mint examples of early Nikon cameras, lenses and accessories. For example, on this Advertisment is a very unusual Nikon F camera with the serial number 6500000 fitted with a 50mm f/1.4 Nikkor-S Auto, scalloped focusing […]

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"My Grays of Westminster experience made my re-entry into photography such a joy"

Grays of Westminster at 40 Churton Street After a twenty year gap which I truly regret, I have taken up photography again. After a great deal of research, all my experience was pre-digital, I decided to purchase a Nikon camera. Having scoured all available avenues I came upon Grays of Westminster and having perused the […]

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