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Nikon S4 Rangefinder Camera

The Nikon S4 was introduced in March 1959. It was essentially a stripped-down version of the S3. Nikon discarded the self-timer and installed a manually resetting frame counter similar to the S2, removed the 35mm frame line from the finder leaving only those for the 50mm and 105mm lenses, and left off the motor drive coupling lug under the take-up spool. The S3 was supplied with a cloth shutter instead of titanium. The shutter speeds are from 1 to 1/1000th sec., B and T. Weight: 520g. When Nikon announced the S4 they ran into a real problem: Joseph Ehrenreich the owner and CEO of Ehrenreich Photo-Optical Industries would not import the S4 into the United States and Canada. He reasoned that he already had the hot selling Nikon SP and the second level S3 as a lower priced alternative to the SP. He was awaiting the forthcoming shipment of the Nikon F and he felt that the S4 would deprive them of sales of the S3.

Despite this set-back, Nikon decided to go ahead with production and sold them to the home market. The total number of S4s produced was 5,898, ranking it as the lowest production Nikon rangefinder since the Nikon M! It is important. to bear in mind that with the exception of those few features that were removed, the Nikon S4 is of exactly the same quality as the SP/S3 models. This fine example comes complete with original instruction manual, maker ’s box and shipping carton. RARE (see inset photo) MINT- £7,000.



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  1. Gold Price says:

    Nikon S3 body, black c/w 50mm f/1.4 Nikkor, black, limited edition NEW/UNUSED. RARE BLACK VERSION! WITH ORIGINAL PAPERWORK AND PRISTINE PACKAGING. At great expense (and loss) Nikon re-manufactured their S3 rangefinder masterpiece in limited numbers for the year 2000. We are delighted to offer one of these (now very scarce) with all original packaging (outer box & inner satin lined box) and documentation. Wikipedia notes as follows “In 2000, Nikon introduced an updated, hand-assembled S3 model to celebrate the new millennium. It was quite a production to produce S3s again, as all the original dies were long gone”. The body comes with it’s specially produced 50mm f/1.4 lens and hood.