Nikon: D3S redraws the boundaries for fast paced extreme photography


Nikon Launches D3S, the Ultimate Camera for Professional News, Sports and Wildlife Photographers


The new Nikon D3S

RRP: £4,199.99 inc. VAT
Sales start date: December 2009

Nikon today announces the introduction of the D3S, the camera that enables professionals to take control of the unpredictable and extends the possibilities for action photographers everywhere. Built upon the widely acclaimed Nikon D3, the D3S advances low light photography to another level and sets in motion new creative options for multi-media movie shooting.

Seeing in the dark

Simon Stafford highlights some features of the new D3s, a camera that pushes the boundaries of available low-light photography even further than is predecessor the D3, and incorporates a video recording feature to provide the professional news, sports, and wildlife photographer with a tool of unsurpassed qualities.

The Nikon Corporation has announced the replacement of the highly innovative, multi-award winning Nikon D3. The D3, introduced during late 2007, is credited with reversing the fortunes of the company in the professional D-SLR market virtually overnight thanks to its speed of operation, outstanding image quality, especially at high ISO settings, which, allied to its highly effective metering, autofocus, and white balance systems, won it wide acclaim. The impact of the D3 was such that it convinced many professional photographers to switch their allegiance to Nikon from other brands of camera.

Now, building up on these strengths, the D3S raises the bar in a number of areas, most notably the ISO sensitivity range, and the ability to record both still and video images, while other improvements enhance and expand operation of the new model.

In essence, the D3s combines everything that works so well on the D3 with some new innovations and refinements of its own.

A detailed preview of the D3S is given here:

Pre Orders

We are now accepting orders for the D3S. Please contact us to put your name on our waiting list and please also mention if you are a Nikon Owner Subscriber.

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